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Geoinformatics FCE CTU 2012
Prague, Czech Republic, 21-23 May 2012

Geoinformatics FCE CTU is an international conference focused on the relevance of Free and Open Source Software in Geoinformatics concerning wide range of topics:

  • Software development
  • Public geodata
  • Software patents
  • Migration from proprietary software to free software at schools, public administration, etc.
  • and many others ...

The conference has an academic background - it's organized every year by Department of Mapping and Cartography, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, see passed years 201120102009200820072006.

This year it's organized together with FOSS4G-CEE conference. Please register your presentation at under topic "Education & Academia -- Geoinformatics FCE CTU" (for more info see

For details see FOSS4G-CEE.

Conference Program

See (section Geoinformatics)